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I started writing a fanfic which I haven’t done in months. But it’s 5sos and I used to write 1D or TMI, so it just feels a bit weird but like I really like 5sos and muke is my number 1 bromance. So I thought i’d just give it a go. Here’s a few lines from it, if anyone’s interested in me actually posting the full thing let me know:  

  • This was it. This is how his life ended.

  • The full moon was near and as always he was a mixture of clingy and aggressive. Lycanthropy had weird effects on him.

  • The full moon had arrived in all its glory.

  • Luke focused on the older boy’s heartbeat. The pace was slow and strong typical of that of a vampire. 

  • Even he would admit how strange for a werewolf to find an anchor in a vampire, but that was the case. It’s not like they planned it. It simply happened.

  • The scene around them was horrific; blood, broken glass, rips of fabric and destroyed furniture.


I’m just really sad cause teen wolf used to be my favourite show but now its a struggle to sit through an entire episode 





Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the new Peter Pan and Wendy of the new movie, currently being filmed, Pan (2015).

Levi Miller and Leni Zieglmeier

(due for release 17th of July, 2015)

**hits a quick celebratory dougie and gets ready to fight off the inevitable cries of “..BUT WENDY WAS WHITE”**



Ed Sheeran covers ‘She Looks So Perfect’ by 5 Seconds Of Summer


not sure who i love more ed sheeran or 5sos


My favorite part of this video, by far, was the use of Michael’s “Idiot” shirt. The way he just turns around and points at it casually, Saying he’s an idiot for letting her go and an idiot for not telling her how he feels and an idiot for letting it get to him. His stupid, punk rock flannel was used in such a fucking creative way. It’s brilliant.

(HQ - Please credit if you use) 5 Seconds of Summer get cozy with various girls at night club Byblos in Milan, Italy. June 27th, 2014

Oh my god, rebloging for your tags PregnantLuke : 

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NEW VIDEO: I Have Something To Tell You…#TRXYE

FINALLY, I can tell you guys all about my EP, #TRXYE! The first 2000 copies are available for PRE-ORDER RIGHT NOW, SIGNED HERE. iTunes pre-order coming sooooooon!

I’ll be stalking rebloggers. So excited to experience all of this with you guys :)

Troye finally has an album and release date! :) 

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