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Petition for Troyler’s new nicknames to be Twinker-Bell and Peter-Pan.

Crystal Reed sooo made me emotional with her goodbye clip on Wolf Watch.

come back Allison! i  don’t approve of this. i dont approve.

and i don’t approve of this sad music. or lydia crying on a half dead stiles.

or mr argent. i just i can.t…

called it.

but i don’t like it.

time for the tears.


hahah Isaac way to break up the epic speech 

I relate so much to Scott and his relationship with his dad. Seriously, so happy with how Scott is handling it.

I love Allison but I’m so scared this is a goodbye. 

Dude dude dude when did Coach get so awesome????

 I never really got into the Maze Runner, now i’m regretting not finishing the book. 

Wait. Stiles is dying according to the Evil!Stiles, and the real Stiles is in pain and freezing? 

so basically his body is shutting down and he’s dying and if he dies the real Stiles leaves and the Evil!Stiles is just the evil spirit no good left in him? I don’t like the sound of any of that…

Please someone give me hope that i’m far off base here. 

Coach, you gonna get arrowed again. 

if you don’t think this is the shit we can’t be friends

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